The Korean representative fermentation Korean herbal tea that will surprise the body of the cosmopolitan.


IDO is a company that researches, develops, manufactures and sells a fermentation oriental medicine tea and fermentation oriental medicine cosmetics etc combining with the principle that our earth has purified by itself from the beginning with the power of fermentation.


The solid fermentation technique only by IDO TEA that is born newly by combining the fermentation principle that is found from the traditional fermentation food of Korea with a modern science, it enables to apply not only to the various functional raw material market but also to the high value-added , well-being food and cosmetics.


The raw material of fermentation uses Korean product that is based on the original plant in order to increase the effect and efficacy, uses an organic or natural medicinal herbs, the mix and the combination of material produces the high functionality fermentation product that can purify the body of modern people cleanly and healthy whom is exposed to the various modern disease like a high blood pressure, diabetes, atopy, gout, rhintis etc.


From Now, make a dietary treatment simple and easy with a fermentation Korean Healing tea treatment( tea therapy) !!


The tea that can remove a waste every inch of the body. No caffeine, No additives, No preservative.

Do the tea therapy clearly and lightly up to the inside of body of modern people who eat the high calory food.

For the people who drink often because of business, the professional and test-taker and who use a brain a lot , for the dedicated mother to the health of family, From now, give a present a high quality health with the fermentation oriental medicine tea from Korea.

"이도" 란

       '몸과 마음이 조화롭게 건강한 길' 이라는 뜻입니다.

       식품회사로서, 한방식품전문기업으로서,

       그리고 한약재고체발효기술 전문기업으로서

       이름에 걸맞게

       진실하고 느린 걸음으로 고객분들과 100년을 함께 하고자 합니다.

"이도발효한차" 는

     이도의 발효한 한방차

     이도의 발효한 차

     두가지 뜻을 담았습니다.



모든 티백은 나일론이 아닌 논지엠오 생분해 삼각필터를 사용합니다. 즉, 미세플라스틱이 전혀 안나오니 안심하고 드십시오!


    한국자생식물 종보존, 멸종위기식물 서식지외 보전기관이자 교육식물원인 "기청산식물원" 과

    발효한약 전문, 틱장애, 생리통, 통증질환 전문 한의원인 "이도한의원"이 만나

    직접 자연농업으로 종사지은 약초들과 전국에서 유기농, 자연산, 혹은 무농약으로 잘 기른 약초들로

    몸 상태에 따라 직접 테라피를 할 수 있는 발효한차를 만듭니다.